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Palm Springs real estate is hotter than our streets in August, and we have expanded our design services to include a variety of offerings to meet the needs of the increasingly-diverse people moving to our fair city.

At our retail showroom in the Uptown Design District, Oliver and Maureen are helping new homeowners to create chic and stylish desert retreats.

Our clients and customers love being able to touch, feel and sit on the furnishings that we propose for their homes.

New construction is booming, and our design team was tapped by a NYC-based couple to bring their new home at VIBE Palm Springs to life. With construction slated to finish in a few weeks, the Dream Team and I are putting the finishing touches on our design plan.

Above: The exterior of one of the model homes in The Que neighborhood at VIBE Palm Springs.

Our clients directive, in their words:

"We generally like minimal, modern and contemporary designs. Especially spaces that are light, airy, bright, and fun. We also love midcentury pops of color but don’t want it to look like an explosion of color in any one room. Ideally, the house would flow from one room to the next. We’d like to include nods to midcentury design to reflect Palm Springs but that shouldn’t be the overall focus of the design. We’re big fans of shopping at vintage and antique stores and hunting for those perfect items.

We both love travel and everything that comes with it -- staying at posh hotels, discovering new places, eating great food, drinking nice wines. Justin is an art lover (he was a docent at the Met in NYC) so he’d like to be more involved in the art selection. Skyler is a helicopter and airplane pilot (as a hobby) and generally a fan of aviation. He’s also a tennis player.

We plan to spend up to 6 months per year (Nov-April) with intermittent trips in the off-season plus friends/ family staying throughout the year. We want to be able to easily leave and not worry about anything while we’re gone. We’d like for the home to feel as comfortable when it’s just the two of us as it does when we’re hosting a group of friends for a long weekend."


Living Room

For this space, we are creating a fun, eclectic vibe for cocktail parties and entertaining, but that will also be comfortable for the two of them.

Here is our rendering of the living room! Our clients are loving it. We are big fans of using technology to help our clients really visualize the space.

We also always draw detailed furniture plans and floor plans in AutoCAD. We do all of our drafting in-house, led by our talented architectural designer Chris Porter.


Main Bedroom

For the main bedroom, as sometimes happens, the clients did not see eye-to-eye on a desired "look." One was craving bold, bright color and the other was thinking something neutral, though they both agreed that they wanted a statement wallpaper.

We found a solution that made everyone happy with one of our favorite wallpapers -- La Palma -- but in a more muted colorway. With this wallpaper as the focal point, the room is both dramatic and soothing! All fabric bed in a deep teal color velvet, walnut nightstands and vintage lamps will complete the look.

Shop La Palma on our website here!


Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom will also be chic and playful, with a statement wallpaper on the headboard wall, a cozy fabric bed, and nightstands designed by my pal Bobby Berk.

We just love this headboard wallpaper!

Sometimes, design is a bit messy! Here, Oliver and I are carefully measuring the patio off the living room. It's a bit tight, and we want to make sure that our clients get to enjoy every inch!

Our clients are very excited about their pool and outdoor space! We love seeing it come to life and send them regular photo updates.

Stay tuned for photos of the finished project!


To learn more about the design services offered through our retail showroom, click here or email


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