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MEET THE TEAM: Chris Porter, Architectural Designer

I am: Ultimately a Problem Solver. I like looking at complex, sometimes chaotic situations and coming up with a logical and creative solution.

Alarm Clock: No! Unless I have an early morning flight to catch.

For Breakfast I usually have: Two microwave turkey sausage links and a black cup of coffee.

Perfect Palm Springs Day: Waking up to sunshine, a glorious mountain vista, and maybe a springtime hike in Murray Canyon to the Seven Sisters waterfalls.

First Job: My first professional job, at age eighteen, was as a draftsperson, in the Engineering Department of Tampa Shipyards, Incorporated. My duties took me under supertankers, in drydocks, to double check the blockings. Atop six story Gantry cranes, on tracks, alongside said drydocks, that were being retrofitted. And surveying the decaying shipyard workers facilities, to be replaced with new metal and climate controlled structures, as part of the shipyard expansion program. The corporate climate at the time was sort of like an episode of Mad Men, with a Southern tinge. I grew up working there real quick!

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood: I love South Palm Springs. My partner Carl and I have been fortunate to live in Canyon Vista Estates (Twin Palms) and Canyon Estates.

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS: Spencer's for special occasions. I love the Bougainvillea Room! And El Mirasol North for casual outdoor dining on the patio.

Favorite Place for Takeout in PS: Rio Azul Mexican Bar and Grill.

Inspiration: Nature.

Cocktail of Choice: A greyhound made with fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit.

Pineapple on pizza. Yay or nay? No!

My Design Style: I like contemporary neutral/ white backgrounds with vibrant pops of color.

Working at Christopher Kennedy is: collaborative rather than just facilitative.


Per Christopher: Chris (Mr. Porter, as I like to call him) brings an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and talent to our team. He takes my architectural designs to the next level in terms of accuracy and specificity, documenting them in detail to make sure that our design intent is carried out correctly, whether the project is around the corner or across the country. His cheerful nature and quick wit makes him a joy to be around!


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