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It’s about time. It’s about you.


This is your time. Your place in the sun. Maybe you have just purchased that vacation home that you have been dreaming about and saving for. Maybe you are making an exciting change - such as relocation or retirement. Maybe you have inherited a family property and are excited, but a bit overwhelmed, to reimagine the home for the next generation while honoring the previous one.


My clients tend to find our firm at these times of transition. They are ready for the next chapter, but have too much on their already-busy plates to tackle a design project alone. They know what they like – and don’t like! -- but don’t know how to bring their vision to life.


That’s where I come in.


Design should be joyous, not overwhelming. And it is fun, with the right person at your side. Our proven systems allow you to enjoy the process while together we craft an aesthetic, implement it, cross off that checklist, and deliver an end result that exceeds your (admittedly high) expectations. Our clients tend to expect a lot – of themselves and the people they work with. If that sounds like you – you are in the right place. I set a high bar for myself and my team, too, so we will get along just great.


Ready for a home that nurtures you, inspires you, and reflects your personality? I’ve got you - and I’ve got oodles of great ideas plus the resources to bring them to life. 


Considering a renovation, but don’t know where to begin and you feel like there a gazillion decisions to make? You’re right. There are. But I’ve done this once or twice – or, actually, dozens of times. For myself and my clients…so you can relax as I guide you from start to finish.


Just bought a vacation home and ready to enjoy it, like, now? Can we just get to the part where you are floating in the pool and enjoying a margarita, already? You bet. We have a program for that, too.

“I LOVE working with Christopher Kennedy and team! I love everything Christopher does; despite the fact that I am extremely picky, I felt comfortable leaving decisions to Christopher. Not only is he an incredible designer, but he's so much fun to work with! I just finished my first project with Christopher and we're already working on the next!”

      - Lisa H., San Francisco 

With over fifteen years in business, our ongoing mission is to solve our clients’ design problems in an organized, inspiring, and stress-free manner. Every step of the way, our team will work closely with you to ensure your new build, renovation, or furnishings experience is exceptional. We cut through the clutter while distilling down the deluge of decisions, allowing you to be meaningfully involved while freeing you up to do what you do best.


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Full Service Design

Our signature service -- whether it be decorating only, a full remodel, or new construction. From the big picture to the smallest detail, we guide you through the process and handle all the heavy lifting for you. This is about more than design – it is about your life. The end result is a carefully-crafted piece of livable luxury that is beautiful, functional, celebrates your individuality, and empowers you to be your best – at home and beyond.


CK for the Day

That’s right: one whole day with Christopher entirely focused on YOU and your project! Embarking on a remodel, and need some specific direction? CK will give you 15 years’ worth of invaluable advice in a matter of hours (and reveal some of his pro sources). Whatever your design dilemmas may be, Christopher is ready to roll up his sleeves and tackle them with you. He’s known for rearranging furniture, producing drawings on the fly, and talking fast – so be ready, friend. This intensive session will move you out of overwhelm and into clarity.


Online Design

This is the perfect option for clients far away, or even close by, who would like the Christopher Kennedy look without the full-service commitment. After you finish a bit of homework, we create a complete room design including a scaled floor plan, furniture and material selections, paint colors, and a shopping list ready for you to implement yourself. All delivered to your Inbox in 2-3 weeks! To inquire about our online design services, please click here.


Design Jumpstart

Do you need some specific guidance -- or maybe you just want to tackle a couple or rooms? We offer a “jumpstart” package of 20 hours to address your pressing design needs. This is a great option if you want to tackle your exterior space or landscape; need help selecting renovation finishes + materials; are looking for immediate expertise to solidify your ideas; or, seek swift completion of a decorating-only or styling-only project. Consider us the “ace up your sleeve” of design!


Vacation Rental Design

We believe in interior (and exterior) design as both an applied art and a practical investment. It’s a fact: well-curated rentals get more bookings, and nothing says “Palm Springs Style” like Christopher Kennedy. We work together to define your aesthetic and set a budget, then you can relax as our team takes over. We manage all of the details, including purchasing, shipping, assembly, and installation – resulting in an elevated look that you and your guests will love.