MEET THE TEAM: Maureen Gage, Director of Retail

I am: A wearer of many hats.

Alarm Clock: My cat, Henry, either wanting to cuddle or knocking things off my nightstand.

For Breakfast I usually have: I always start my day with a cup of coffee.

Perfect Palm Springs Day: Waking up with the sunrise, exercise walk through Vista Las Palmas, brunch, pool day, and dinner at any of the amazing restaurants we have in Palm Springs.

First Job: My first job, technically was scanning microfiche (if anyone knows what that is anymore) into a computer for 2 hours after high school. But my first real job was as a Barista at a drive thru coffee shop in Seattle, where I found my love of coffee. My first job that started me on my career path was at Hollister working overnights, resetting the store. They had perfect standards, each item had to be folded and stacked a certain way. I learned a lot about the importance of knowing the correct way of doing something before taking any shortcuts.

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood: I'd have to say Indian Canyons. It is just so pretty in South Palm Springs and there is some really amazing architecture, it's breeze block heaven!

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS: Copley's, the food is unbelievably good and the service/atmosphere is amazing.

Favorite Place for Takeout in PS: Chada Thai and China King. I love going to Eight4nine but have ordered it in a lot when we couldn't be in restaurants.

Inspiration: I draw inspiration from everything around me; people, places and experiences I have.

Cocktail of Choice: Añejo Old Fashioned before dinner and an Espresso Martini after.

Pineapple on pizza. Yay or nay? Yes! But only if its accompanied by jalapeños and garlic.

My Design Style: I would say my design style is eclectic and leans toward mid-century modern. My style seems to change based on the space I am designing or the feeling I get from the home.

Working at Christopher Kennedy is: never boring!


Per Christopher: Since joining our team part time in 2018, and full-time in 2019, Maureen has proven to be invaluable. She is good at most everything, so giving her an official title was challenging. (Our team is small, so we all tend to collaborate and wear lots of hats!)

With a degree in Visual Merchandising from FIDM, it became clear recently that she was perfectly suited to step into the Director of Retail role. Our shop has never looked better, and we have expanded our interior design offers to service our retail shop customers. Since I had little-to-no direct experience in retail before opening my shop, I am incredibly grateful for Maureen's experience at West Elm and her education at FIDM.

Maureen, or Moe as she often likes to be called, also helps me create our popular Friday Five emails, our blogs, and other digital content. And, she does all these different things with grace, style, humility and kindness.

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