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PRIDE 2020

What a year to celebrate Pride while socially distanced at home!

While now more than ever it's evident there is significant work that lies ahead for minority communities, taking the time to celebrate the Supreme Court's landmark decision on equality in the workplace is giving me the restorative, invigorating energy to keep fighting for what's to come! 

It's clear that change is coming, and we'll cheers to that!

On that note....I wanted to share with you my top product picks this month.


Breezeway Rocks Glassware

Block Party

You can't help but be in a Palm Springs state of mind when drinking a cocktail out of one of these Breezeway glasses. Cheers to equality!


Rainbow Casework Vase | $124

True Colors

We have multiple amazing blown glass vases available online and in the shop. True colors shining through!


Who's Yo Mamma Tea Towel | $22

Everyone's Favorite Mother!

Make sure your kitchen is spotless with this dish towel. Wire hangers naturally not included.


Glam Rock Pet Artwork | $45


I'm too Fabulous Cocktail Napkins | $9

Darlings, these cocktail napkins are so you!

For a good laugh, check out the rest of them while you're at it. We could all use a good chuckle these days!

Yours in Pride,



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