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Wendover Art Summer 2022 Launch

May 27, 2022

This week, Keith and I had the pleasure of visiting the Largo, Florida headquarters of Wendover Art Group -- our official artwork partner. Wendover produces the Christopher Kennedy Collection of art, which is sold through other designers and retailers nationwide.

We launch about 40 pieces every summer and winter, generally at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. This was our first visit to the Wendover headquarters in over three years -- and it was great to be back with their creative team, collaborating to bring our vision to life.

Every season, Keith and I send over a Look Book of creative concepts that we want to bring to life. The concepts might be a combination of photography, vintage artwork that inspires us, or even my own sketches.


Sneak Peeks

We cannot share our new collection just yet, but below are sneak peeks of the exciting things to come this July.

Architectural photography and chic abstract neutrals are two of my themes for the summer collection.



One of the toughest parts of our job during every collection launch is selecting the frames for each piece of artwork. There are so many choices!

All of Wendover's clients are able to customize the framing, and even the size, of each piece they order. But, naturally, we like to showcase our vision for each piece of art, and that includes selecting the shape and color of the frame, as well as the size and medium for each piece of art.

The Christopher Kennedy Collection for Wendover is handmade to order in the USA. Touring the workshop is incredibly impressive, and it is very obvious that all of their 300+ employees take great pride in their work.

I am very proud to partner with this fine company and I hope that you have enjoyed this sneak peek!



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