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Whenever I bring a Show House to life, the outdoor spaces are as important as the indoor spaces. Being based in California, and Palm Springs in particular, our clients want to get outside as much as possible. This show house debuted in the late summer of 2019 and was brought to life by our national media partner, ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME magazine.

At our Turlock Show House, I called in some serious talent to create the outdoor spaces.

For the outdoor living room and putting green, I tapped LA's Lindsey Brooke Design to craft a space that was cozy and chic.

Lindsey drew on my love of croquet and cocktails to create a perfectly welcoming outdoor room. She transformed the outdoor living room, putting green, and outdoor kitchen. I grew up playing croquet and grilling outside on California's Central Coast. Lindsey captured those feelings perfectly at our Turlock Show house!

ASPIRE sat down with Lindsey to find out more details about her space, the Show House process, and her impression about the town of Turlock.

ASPIRE: What was your inspiration for this room? Lindsey: Palm Springs Summer was really our inspiration, so we wanted to bring in bright colors, bold patterns, and an element of fun with nostalgic outdoor games.

ASPIRE: Did you step out of your comfort zone for this project, and if so, why? Lindsey: Yes and no. We always envision how our clients would sue the space, so without clients in general we had to come up with who lived there and how we envisioned them. That allowed us to go brighter and bolder then we usually do.

ASPIRE: Despite the fact that there were so many designers involved, there is an inherent cohesiveness to the home. Did you all converse/collaborate? Or was this a completely individual process? Lindsey: I think because we came on so late we didn’t talk to anyone except Christopher [Kennedy]. He showed us some designs of the other spaces so we pulled colors, and inspiration from that.

ASPIRE: Is your preference for a show house a small space or a large space? Does one or the other provide a better opportunity to stretch your creativity? Lindsey: I think you can do creative things with any size space. However, I think smaller spaces always challenge you more because there is only so much you can do. You have to edit a lot to make sure you are making an impact without it being too much.

ASPIRE: Describe the town of Turlock in one sentence. Lindsey: Charming.

Outdoor chairs by Essentials for Living mix with a fire feature from the Christopher Kennedy retail shop and outdoor fabrics by Thibaut.

For the outdoor dining room and pool area, Malibu's Barrie Livingstone was my first choice -- and I am so happy that he signed on!

Barrie partnered with Malibu Market and Design to create chic and comfortable outdoor areas that evoke the feeling of a five-star resort.

ASPIRE: This space is beautiful! Both inspiring and relaxing at the same time. Tell us about your vision. Barrie: The garden or outside space of a home should reflect the general feeling of the locale one is in.

Central California has weather extremes and the area of our home has woods behind. I felt it necessary to use teak as the main source of furnishings to reflect a casual look and retain the feeling of nature.

I chose pale grays and blacks as they create a sophisticated vibe as well as create warmth during cooler nights.


About Lindsey Brooke Design

Lindsey Brooke Design is a full service boutique design firm based in Westlake Village, California, founded by Lindsey Borchard. LBD serves clients Nationwide with services ranging from interior design for renovations, new construction, and furniture design.

Lindsey Brooke Design’s mission is to design beautiful, functional interiors that enhance our clients quality of life, work and home. We design spaces that are not only filled with beauty and intention but are also functional for the everyday family. There’s no detail that goes untouched, no challenge we can’t meet, and we put an undeniable amount of love in every project.

Lindsey Brooke Design was started in 2016 in Lindsey’s spare bedroom of her Thousand Oaks home. With a lot of hard work, endless nights, and a big dream Lindsey has turned Lindsey Brooke Design into a household name. Lindsey also works as a leader in the design community by co-hosting a 4 day retreat called Design Camp throughout the year for fellow design professionals.


About Barrie Livingstone

British born Barrie Livingstone is an accomplished Interior Designer and real estate agent. Barrie’s design projects scan the globe from Los Angeles to Dubai and Miami to Malaysia. His passion for buildings and how people occupy them on a global level is the driving force for him, pairing the right property with the right person or group.

Barrie’s unique combination of seasoned Interior Designer “meets” savvy realtor makes perfect sense to have access to when designing or renovating a property. In the world of design, presentation is nine tenths’ the law. It is all about how the design makes one feel and how many years good design will last.

With over 30 years of experience in the Residential and Hospitality Industries in both design and marketing, his clients gain vital insight on how to present properties in the best possible light. Barrie has designed for international hotel brands such as: Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott, Southern Sun and Mandarin Oriental in the Near and Far East, also luxury residences and yachts.


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