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SLEEP SOUND...on My New Mattress Line

These made to order mattresses are Harley-approved....but let me tell you more about them!

Our mattresses are made in a family-owned, second-generation workshop in Orange County that has been building mattresses since 1988.

No shortcuts taken. We go the long way. Our mattresses are handcrafted, double-sided, natural mattresses that are longer lasting, more supportive, more comfortable, and healthier for you and your family.

The importance of all natural materials

Natural Cotton

Cotton is uniquely absorbent, naturally breathable, and extremely durable.

Just like we wear cotton clothing for its breathability, cotton is used in mattress construction for ideal air circulation, keeping your body cool and comfortable. We use cotton in a unique way, taking extra steps in the tufting process to increase mattress durability. Each cotton layer is placed over the top of the innerspring, expertly tucked into the coils and pre-packed with skillful button-tufting to prevent shifting or clumping. These traditional steps allow for exceptional support.

Organic Wool

Wool is a natural, hypo-allergenic, temperature-regulator.

This organic, breathable material stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Along with cotton, we use wool in the upper layers of some beds, to work in harmony with your body, regulating temperature and wicking away moisture as you sleep, creating a comfortable climate. The protective lanolin coating found in wool makes it naturally resistant to combustion and acts as a natural fire barrier without added chemicals.

Natural Latex

Natural rubber latex has contouring & body-conforming benefits.

A favorite cushioning material in our toppers and pillow tops. Natural latex is more durable than polyurethane foam. Synthetic foam starts to lose its shape, crumble and deteriorate in about three years. Latex bounces back and keeps its shape for 10-15 years. It offers antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant-properties—making it a perfect material for allergy sufferers. Since it is naturally-derived, there is no off-gassing which can happen in polyurethane foam, especially those sourced overseas.

Making the bed is more fun when you know the mattress is so comfy!

The CK 100 - Affordable Comfort

This mattress is a single-sided plush traditional pillowtop innerspring mattress featuring a seven-inch coil until with bendable (higher gauge) coils on the perimeter, allowing for compatibility with adjustable beds. Motion transfer and sway is reduced by a total of 682 individual individually-wrapped coils that each turn 5 revolutions for greater firmness. The comfort layer includes a one inch of solid polyurethane foam and 1.5 inches of plush quilted polyurethane foam that is both contouring and conforming.


  • Available with or without boxspring in Twin, XL-Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King

  • Plush pillow-top medium-firm innerspring supportive enough for two adults

  • Individually-wrapped coil unit for reduced motion transfer

  • Reinforced extra-firm coils support more substantial edges, allowing for greater sleep area

  • Mattress Height: 12" | Boxspring Height: 6" or 7"


The CK 200 - Our Best Seller

This mattress features double the pressure relief, thanks to a 2″ quilted plush top. Our medium-firm, individually wrapped coil system and the Quantum Edge coils provide support and eliminate the roll-off feeling and deliver a consistent sleep surface. Contouring and plush with supportive center core. Medium, individually wrapped springs. Steel perimeter edge support. Double pressure-relieving comfort layer. Quilted plush top. Double-sided.


  • Available with or without boxspring in Twin, XL-Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King

  • Medium-firm, individually wrapped springs

  • Steel perimeter edge support

  • Double pressure-relieving comfort layer

  • Quilted plush top

  • Double-sided

  • Mattress Height: 12" | Boxspring Height: 6" or 7.5"


The CK 300 - 5-Star Hotel Worthy

This mattress is a double-sided medium-firm pillow-top traditional innerspring mattress with reinforced steel supports around edges. Hand tufted natural cotton batting on both sides of the mattress delivers greater firmness and enhanced durability. Blending traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, we add a durable nano coil pillow top to a plush cotton upholstered core. By tufting the center third of the mattress more firmly, we give you even greater support where your body needs it most.


  • Affordable high quality craftsman-style construction

  • Double-sided for twice the life

  • Perfect for a master bedroom

  • A medium firm nano coil pillow top mattress with a plush contouring surface

  • Can be built to be adjustable bed-friendly

  • Healthy breathable natural cotton will keep you cool all night


  • Available with or without boxspring in Twin, XL-Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King

  • Firm springs

  • Steel edge supports

  • Steel grid

  • Insulator pad

  • Natural cotton paddingInner hand-tufting

  • Medium firm nano coil pillow top

  • Double-sided

  • Mattress Height: 12" | Boxspring Height: 6" or 7.5"



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