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Ranch House - Kids' Rooms

At our Ranch House Project, the large addition which we built includes a bunk room for the grandchildren, as well as a full "kids' kitchen" and family (play) room. These rooms are adjacent to the four new bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bath. We carried the western theme to the new family room spaces and could not be more pleased with the results!

This home is in a historic Palm Springs community that is very social. Our Portland-based clients entertain frequently as they spend their winter months in Palm Springs. Creating spacious and functional spaces for them to welcome family and friends was very important.


The Bunk Room

Pendleton blankets honor our clients' Northwestern roots and mix effortlessly with a Pottery Barn storage unit.

We had so much fun creating all the details in this adorable bunk room!


The Play Room

In addition to adding the bunk room, our client added four bedrooms and a play room space on to her original 1940s historic ranch house, providing a place for all of the grown children and grandchildren to gather.

While togetherness is great, a family / play room was included as part of the addition, so that everyone could have a bit of space to relax and unwind. As our client says, one of the best parts of having grandchildren is returning them to their parents after a while! This play room features a full kitchen, tv room, and play space for the kids. A large TV (not pictured) is also included for her grown "kids" to watch football games and golf -- this space isn't just for the youngsters.

Family gatherings are even better when everyone has their own space.

Our clients' collection of African masks adds a whimsical note to the western Ranch House style.


The Kids' Kitchen

In the play room and kids' kitchen, we punctuated the house's blue and white design scheme with pops of red.

Wagon wheel-inspired light fixtures enhance the home's ranch design motif. The historic neighborhood dates back to the 1920s and has western roots. The table expands when more seating is needed.

The addition features its own new fully-walled patio, so the family can spread out to separate outdoor spaces when they choose.


All About the Details

I hope you enjoyed this tour!



Tour more of our Ranch House project:


Architecture: SP Design + Build

Contractor: Chris W. Foster, Inc

Photography: Public 311 Design

Styling: Keith Fortner


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