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MEET THE TEAM: Oliver Girodat, Customer Service Specialist

I am: A small town North Dakota boy. Moved to Palm Springs for the weather, atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle.

Alarm Clock: Don’t need one. I’m an early bird.

For Breakfast I usually have: Nothing but coffee.

Perfect Palm Springs Day: Bright warm & sunny, which is almost everyday in PS.

First Job: Waiter at a small diner

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood: Indian Canyons. I love the architecture

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS: Felipes on El Cielo Favorite Place to Order In in PS: Talay Thai Inspiration: the world around me and the people in my life. Cocktail of Choice: Negroni Pineapple on pizza. Yay or nay? Absolutely Not My Design Style: Always evolving, I love learning and trying new things. Working at Christopher Kennedy is: Amazing, I love the opportunities I’ve been given.


Per Christopher: Oliver has impressed me from day one! He makes every guest in our shop and every design client feel special. He has an amazing product knowledge and his innate design sense makes him an excellent addition to my Dream Team. Much of our daily design work is actually implementation and the nitty-gritty details; he is doing a fantastic job project managing our retail design projects and bringing our clients' dream homes to life!

He also happens to quite the fashionisto -- he doesn't know it yet, but I'm considering asking him to give me a personal style upgrade.

On a personal note, I guess it is just kismet that he hails from North Dakota. My mom, Marilyn, was raised on a farm in the great state of North Dakota, and graduated from UND, before moving to San Francisco -- where I was born. I guess it's a small world, after all, and the unlikely connection is not lost on me.


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