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MEET THE TEAM: Beth Wexler, Project Manager

I am: Grateful

Alarm Clock: Only if necessary

For Breakfast I usually have: Coffee and Wordle

Perfect Palm Springs Day: A hike, then sit poolside and read a book or magazine, and cook a burger on the grill

First Job: Cutting lawns

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood: Deepwell

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS: Miro's

Inspiration: Quiet good deeds

Pineapple on pizza. Yay or nay? NEVER!

What have you learned about your Design Style since joining CKI? I have learned that I work with very talented designers!

Interesting Fact about Me: I am mixed- handed; meaning I am left-handed, but in my case I do almost EVERYTHING right-handed.

Per Christopher: Beth has impressed me from day one! With her can-do attitude and her hard-working optimism, she seems to have a sincere desire to make things around her just a bit better, including both processes and people. She does it all with a level head, a great smile, and a natural ability to diffuse a potentially stressful situation. Her management and business experience making her and excellent addition to our Dream Team. Much of our daily design work is actually implementation and the nitty-gritty details and she is doing a fantastic job at bringing our clients' dream homes to life.


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