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We love our colorful doors in Palm Springs. It’s not uncommon to see orange doors, pink doors, green doors. The cheerful tones set a first impression of fun, joy, and creativity. For our clients with vacation homes, I believe that they embrace my suggestion of a unique front door because it represents a departure. They are no longer at their main home, with the stressful workdays (our clients tend to be high-achievers) and inevitable doldrums; no, this is someplace different, someplace other. When they walk through that orange door, for example, they are leaving their normal world and stepping into someplace special.

At our former home in Palm Springs, we installed marble tile in a striking black-and-white pattern, paired it with a vintage light found at a flea market, and painted the door a high-gloss turquoise. Hello, gorgeous!

Even if you don’t live in a modernist post-and-beam home, why not have some fun with your first impression? Don’t forget, black or very dark brown can make a great statement too. Paired with chrome or bronze, it will provide a bold and tailored first look.

At the Piazza di Liberace in Palm Springs, I chose a deep ink-black hue, punctuated with gold hardware that the famous showman would have surely loved!

As our clients have evolved, lately we've been loving full glass panel doors to allow extra light to flood in to mid-century style homes. We've crafted bespoke privacy screens to ensure you're safe and cozy inside while still allowing that magical desert light to illuminate your interiors.

Remember, friends, your front door is a big part of your home's first impression. What do you want it to say?



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