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Yes, I really did give my home a fabulous refresh during the pandemic quarantine...then immediately bought a house! Although we will be moving soon, I wanted to give you a peak at my rental refresh.

We decorated our rental townhome four years ago, and it was even featured in California Home + Design magazine. (Harley and I made the cover!)

As lovely as it was, after four years and during the initial pandemic quarantine, I felt it was time for a refresh.

Lighten Up!

I think maybe I was in a "darker" place when we moved into this townhome. We had just sold (what I thought was) our dream house. Even though the price was right, looking back I realize that leaving that golf course made me a bit sad. Even though the previous look was chic and crisp, it lacked the colors and exuberance that I love...and am generally known for.

Enjoy this Before + After of our guest bedroom.



The biggest change was the wallcovering. For the refresh, I used a "seamless" Japanese Paper Weave wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries. I love the look of grasscloth, and this version gives the great texture without the "paneling" effect and visible seams that grasscloth usually has. It is also a great backdrop for our new salon wall installation.

For so long, David and I have wanted a grand salon wall displaying our bounty of art we've collected over the years.

Nothing says Mid Century Modern like mixing the old with the new. This salon wall also displays keepsakes such as gifts, souvenirs, and even our framed wedding invitation.



Though I don't mind the "paneled" look of grasscloth, which is visible in the photo below, the "simply seamless" from Phillip Jeffries is a refreshing change in so many ways.


I happen to think that beige is poised to make a comeback, and the wallpaper that I chose has a decidedly warm tone. I swapped out the wooden bed and headboard for a custom wall-mounted headboard in a palm leaf pattern, featuring my beloved tones of turquoise and bright green. I completed the look with a duvet cover from West Elm and lamps from my retail shop.



Vintage artwork found locally and a white storage credenza bring a brighter look! Guests coming to Palm Springs are looking for color and sun, after all! My friend Anastasia Casey, who recently did my branding, turned me on to the allure of art lights!

Hope you enjoyed this tour!




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