Hi, I'm CK.

This time of year, we tend to think about costumes. Who would we like to be? What hero - or villain - can we portray? It's intriguing, admittedly, to dream of being someone else. Given a universe to choose from...Who might we be?

No costume for me, this year. After a busy decade building a business -- and a year that needs no commentary -- I am getting back to ME.

It's taken some soul-searching, but I have decided there is no one that I would rather be. It is far to0 easy these days, with social media, to fall in to a comparison trap. And comparison truly is the thief of joy.

I have decided that the only person I am comparing myself to is...the best version of myself. That is my costume this year. The man in the mirror. It is the only comparison I choose to make, these days.

I admit it: I have slipped a bit. Fifteen years building a business. It's not easy. Fitness and health have taken a backseat these past five years. I have told myself that clients and/or employees have come first. I have gotten a bit complacent and comfortable with my "success"...when I know I can be even better.