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2020 GIFT GUIDE: For Him

We rounded up our top picks of gifts for that special man in your life!


Friends, here are a few of my personal favorites from all the gifts featured above.

I love adding smell to the sensory experience of my own home, and the homes of my clients. One cannot always have a candle burning (though I often do!) so this lava rock diffuser is a great alternative.

The Power of Lava Rocks.

Bring this masculine element of the earth into any room with our Lava Rock Diffuser. These natural porous rocks are ideal for absorbing our rich luxurious oils. This striking diffuser jar fills the room with your favorite fragrances all day & night. And the best part is -- those ubiquitous and tacky diffuser 'sticks' are not required!

My favorite scent is (not surprisingly) called 'Debauchery' -- a musky, earthy, and masculine scent that is perfect for winter.


If your man is like me and can't live without his coffee in the morning (or all day...) this is the perfect gift!

This gorgeous French Press is not only functional, but also a work of art in its own right. The press brews a perfect full-bodied pot of coffee or tea in the traditional French Press method. Made of premium heat-proof borosilicate glass, it is durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. The Glass French Press is an uncompromising marriage of function and beauty. Bonus perk: it is dishwasher safe.


Our silk velvet pillows, in a variety of rich colors and geometric designs, have quickly become a customer and client favorite!

These natural silk velvet Ikat pillows are made of hand-loomed Ikat silk fabrics, a technique that has been made for centuries. Ikat is a hand-dyeing technique used to create these gorgeous and unique patterns. It is a resist dyeing process, where bundles of yarn are tightly wrapped together and then dyed as many times as is required to create the desired design. The Fabric: Silk on Cotton, hand loomed & hand dyed, this fabric is treated with a special washing technique to give the soft look. Colors may vary slightly. The Insert: 100% Trillium. Trillium© is a premium polyester fill which mimics the characteristics of natural down, but is entirely hypoallergenic and will never result in escaping feathers. It offers the ultra-dense, soft, and luxurious feel that we love.

Wishing you a gift-giving season of comfort, joy and peace, my friends! xo CK


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