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AAIS Insurance Office: Entry & Conference

We are pleased to share the Big Reveal of one of our first commercial office spaces -- Across America Insurance Services. This project was nearly two years in the making!

Our longtime clients, for whom we renovated and furnished a home several years ago, called us when they bought a new office building to house their growing commercial insurance business.

At over 10,000 square feet, and being just a raw empty shell, I will admit that I was first a bit intimidated.

Above: The raw space as we first saw it, which trenches being cut to run all the electrical and data wires.


The Design Intent

The space needed to be totally designed and built-out, with all utilities ran, and all the planning for up to 50 employees. The space was to have a coffee bar, gathering area, full kitchen, lobby, conference room, and several private offices. From the door handles to the bathroom tiles, from overhead lighting to desk chairs, to every piece of art on the walls, our team was responsible for making all the aesthetic choices to bring this space to life.

Luckily, our client had an architect create plans for the engineering and we partnered with the incredible Oak It Inc, who are experts at commercial spaces including car dealerships, to help with the functional design layout and to fabricate all the cubicles and other custom millwork. It definitely took a village to make this project happen.

The architect actually suggested a materials palette that was very Danish Modern and a bit casual. Since I have worked with these clients for a long time, I knew that their tastes tended something more elegant.

At our first meeting, I asked my clients, would you want your offices to look more like an Apple Store, which is very cool, or a New York law firm. Or, perhaps a Four Seasons Hotel?

It was a trick question. I already knew the answer, of course. The elegance of a Four Seasons with the professionalism of a New York law firm.

Above: I put together a palette of white marble-look flooring, mixed with rich hardwoods and materials. Soft goods of camel leather, warm grey fabrics bring the look together. Accents of navy blue, part of their branding colors, appear throughout the design as well.

At one point, someone asked me if it was ok to mix warm and cool neutrals, like brown and grey in the same space.

My answer was a resounding yes! For the past several years, grey has been such the go-to neutral, that I think people almost forgot it was acceptable, and advisable, to mix warm and cool tones. I used the analogy of wearing a man grey suit with brown shoes, which looks smashing, especially during the day.


The Lobby

You only get once chance to make a first impression, as the saying goes

The reception desk is clad in dark blue Cambria quartz and features a cantilevered lowered level that meets ADA wheelchair accessibility codes, while also just looking really cool.

Here, the color palette is fully realized in all its modern elegance. The 2' x 4' porcelain tiles, which have brown and grey veining to emulate marble, set the foundation for a robust design that seamlessly mixes warm grey veneers with exotic macassar ebony woods, inlaid with accents of brass. Accents of black metal appear throughout, as well.

Above: the lobby features a built-in bench seat covered in camel-colored vinyl, and a built-in planter for greenery.


The Conference Room

Adjacent to the lobby is a glass enclosed conference room that features an incredible slat wall by Oak It. The black wooden shelves feature a soft brass veneer behind and perfectly frame the television for presentations.

The conference table is made of Cambria Quartz and is backlit for extra drama!

For continuity, the conference room carpeting is navy blue and the built-ins are made of the macassar ebony veneer featured in the lobby, topped with durable solid grey quartz counters. The accessories are available through our retail showroom and are shoppable at this link.

The exterior walls of the large commercial building are concrete. In the conference, we clad them in scrubbable gold vinyl that looks like grasscloth, available here.


We have lots more spaces to show you, so please come back next week to see more of this incredible work space.

I hope you enjoyed this tour!




Millwork Design & Fabrication: Oak It Inc

Construction: BR & Co.

Porcelain Flooring: Floor & Decor

Carpeting: Mohawk

Photography: Public 311 Design

Styling and flowers: Keith Fortner


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