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Welcome to The Divine Du Bois.

Summer 2020. As I write this, we have no idea what the future looks like. We have no idea when we will gather in groups again; when people will travel again; when people in Palm Springs will want to open their homes to hundreds of strangers again.

In short, the entire world has changed.

What has not changed is my commitment.

My commitment to bringing you design inspiration.
My commitment to showcasing products that I believe in.
My commitment to bringing exuberant and gracious design, rooted in Palm Springs glamour, to the world.

I don't know when many of my far-flung friends will get to travel back to Palm Springs. Our friends in Canada. Australia. Germany. The Netherlands. Idaho. New York. Believe me, we miss you. Since you cannot come to us...

I am bringing my latest Showcase to YOU...

in a new video series.

Have you ever wondered about all the twists and turns, all the behind-the-scenes drama, and all the countless decisions required to bring one of my projects to life? Then you are in luck, because I am capturing it all on film -- and you are invited along!

I am bringing you design tips, tricks, and many of my trade secrets...all caught on camera. You are invited into my design studio as I share our process and problem-solving techniques.

Meet The Divine Du Bois, and learn a bit about Palm Springs history and architecture -- in Episode 1 now.

Public tours may be offered this fall -- right now, it's impossible to say. My wonderful clients would be honored to invite you into their home, pandemic-willing. In the meantime, I will be bringing the inspiration of #theDivineDuBois to my friends around the world through authentic and innovative media content. The series will continue to be released on YouTube, so stay tuned.

Friends, please know that I miss you. I have loved meeting 5000 people in one week at The Christopher Kennedy Compound each February for these past five years. I do not know if those days will ever return -- though, as you know, I am an eternal optimist.

Right now, I am thrilled to introduce you to The Divine Du Bois, and I would be honored if you would follow her journey in the episodes I will be bringing you throughout the summer. I will be sharing our design journey on film and in these blogs.

You know that I am a hugger. Until we can meet again, virtual hugs and love from Palm Springs.

Stay strong.




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