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70s Sackley Reveal: A Dream Outdoor Space

At our 70s Sackley Project in historic Indian Canyons neighborhood, we put as much emphasis on the outdoor spaces as the indoor ones. After all, like many of our clients, this Seattle-based executive is coming to Palm Springs to enjoy the open spaces, the fair climate, and the pool.

With a front facade as dreamy as this, we had to make sure that the outdoor living spaces lived up to the promise of the exterior.

One of the most exciting aspect of a project is when a client asks us to push the envelope. Sometimes, clients have preferences and ideas that we have not even thought of, and that's when it gets really exciting.

In the case of this project, our client wanted to add a decorative element to the all-white modern exterior. The typical breeze block, which we love, would not have been appropriate for the era or architect of the house, Stan Sackley.

Our client suggested metal screens in a Moroccan motif, to reference the Moroccan and exotic elements of the interior design. Working together, we brought the vision to life. I love how it turned out.

Now, step inside as our clients graciously invite you inside this incredible property in historic Indian Canyons neighborhood.


Front Terrace

Just inside the front gate is a lovely terrace, which boasts an incredible view of the mountains. The terrace adjoins the dining room and kitchen inside, making it a fantastic place to enjoy morning coffee as the sun rises and a cocktail as the sun sets.

The ottomans, fire feature, and outdoor rugs are from the Christopher Kennedy showroom. Swivel chair by RH. Settee and black + white chairs by CB2.



We designed the backyard to include several distinct zones:

  • the pool

  • a BBQ island

  • an outdoor living room

  • chaise lounges for sunning

  • a fire feature with lounge chairs

When dividing up a large yard into separate areas of function, we like to delineate "zones" with architectural or decor cues, including landscape rocks, changing the landscape + hardscape, and outdoor rugs. We generally work with our clients to design the landscape and hardscape, ensuring the concrete are of a suitable size for their function and working to maximize the valuable real estate -- and enjoyment!

A little whimsy can go a long way! This inflatable rose gold swan always brings a smile to our client's face!


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