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2020 GIFT GUIDE: For Her

We rounded up our top gift picks for the stylish women in your life!


Friends, here are a few of my personal favorites from all the gifts featured above.


Hate warm, flat champagne? We do, too. By introducing a drink-through, flip-top lid, and BevGuard™ technology, the clever folks at BruMate were able to double the size of a traditional champagne flute while keeping your drinks cold and carbonated up to 5x longer. We think it's genius! Sip more. Refill less.


Piecework Puzzles


Here in California, we will be spending all of our time at home during the holidays this year, so we need to get creative with our family activities. With themes like "Champagne Problems" and "Disco Queen" -- these puzzles are sure to put a smile on your face and bring some Palm Springs verve to your family game time.



While my main focus is on the visuals, of course, no scene is complete without a soundtrack to accompany it. Our Bluetooth + FM Radios have incredible sound and are small enough to go anywhere. Its handsome design makes this is one speaker I don't feel the need to hide.

Mini & Portable Bluetooth and FM radio speaker. Designed and crafted with the consideration of convenience and aesthetics, each portable OTR Metal series comes with a unique carrying case that allows ease of mobility.

Wishing you a gift-giving season of comfort, joy and peace, my friends! xo CK


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