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Kings Point




2900 Square Feet
3 Beds / 3.5 Baths
Built 1969


When a globe-trotting Chicago-based couple bought this residence in the historic Kings Point, designed by architect William Krisel, they called us with a design brief that was anything but ordinary. “Imagine a James Bond villains lair meets a 1960s vision of the future” was their directive. Our team quickly set to work to bring their vision to life. Where there was once a sunken living room, we installed a working LED dance floor that gives the impression of 1970s ”infinity mirrors” and look as if Dr. Evil might plunge you to your doom at any moment. The dining room gives 1960s mission control vibes, anchored by a graphic wallpaper depicting a world map. The primary bedroom is re-envisioned as a sexy and secure underground bunker, with concrete-looking wallcovering cladding the walls and ceiling and a custom floating bed in the middle of the room. 

As featured in Palm Springs Life. Read the story here.


Public 311 Design

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