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Canopy Wine




1500 Square Feet
Built 2023


This vacant space in a modern building downtown required a complete reworking and reimagining in order to create the first luxury wine lounge in Palm Springs. With the concept of creating a ’wine oasis’ in the desert, the centerpiece of our design is really the mural behind the bar, depicting a desert garden. The colors we deployed all blossom from this mural --cactus greens, agave blues, the deep reds and vibrant yellows of succulent flowers, and the rich terracotta of earthen clay. Our team designed custom banquette seating inspired by midcentury style icon, Vladimir Kagan. The upholstery features sinuous curves, inviting guests to nestle in and relax. A canvas palm tree bursts to life out of the central seating area, reinforcing our ‘oasis’ motif and providing a literal canopy. White plaster chandeliers in the shape of cactus float over the bar. Underfoot, porcelain tiles with a terrazzo pattern reinforce the midcentury modernism for which Palm Springs is famous, while rich walnut paneling wraps two walls of the space. Vintage wine-themed artwork is sprinkled throughout, adding a touch of nostalgia, alongside artwork from Christopher’s own collection for Wendover Art Group. Another focal point of the space is the terracotta-hued wine amphora, in which our proprietors are making one of the only vintages to be finished and bottled in Palm Springs.


Oscar Flink + Joan Allen

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