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  • Palm Springs Holiday in Vista Las Palmas

    project, a 1959 midcentury gem built by the famed Alexander Construction Company in historic Vista Las Palmas, for a young Nashville-based family in the spring of 2021. When our clients decided to decamp from Nashville for the holidays and spend Christmas in Palm Springs The Pool What's a holiday in Palm Springs if we don't bring some cheer to the pool? Sending love from Palm Springs. Happy holidays!

  • Christopher Kennedy Midcentury Home Tours for the Animal Shelter

    Above: the pool at Christopher's home when purchased in 2020 Sunday, February 19th, 2023 Vista Las Palmas Palmas, capped off with a cocktail reception at the final home. interiors by Christopher Kennedy Inc, opening its doors for modernism tours in February 2023 In Vista Las Palmas, the firm of Palmer and Krisel, as well as architect Charles Du Bois, designed approximately The Christopher Kennedy Midcentury Tour for Palm Springs Animal Shelter will be the only Vista Las Palmas

  • RETAIL DESIGN PROJECT: Vibe Palm Springs

    Palm Springs real estate is hotter than our streets in August, and we have expanded our design services Above: The exterior of one of the model homes in The Que neighborhood at VIBE Palm Springs. We’d like to include nods to midcentury design to reflect Palm Springs but that shouldn’t be the overall We found a solution that made everyone happy with one of our favorite wallpapers -- La Palma -- but in Shop La Palma on our website here!


    No matter the season, it pretty much always feels like summer here in Palm Springs. Tropical wallpaper does just that, and one of our favorites is the La Palma wallpaper, designed by Catherine See all colorways of La Palma here. We recently used La Palma in the "midnight" colorway (shown on the left above) in a bedroom design and We paired La Palma with the sleek and sophisticated Linnet bed designed by my pal, Bobby Berk, from TV's

  • Palm Springs interior designer Christopher Kennedy announces a full February weekend of house tours

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 14, 2022 Palm Springs, CA - His name is nearly synonymous with modernism opening the doors to private houses of his own design in the coveted historic neighborhoods of Vista Las Palmas and Indian Canyons. About Palm Springs Animal Shelter Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter (FPSAS) is a non-profit 501C(3) organization that manages and operates the open admissions Palm Springs Animal Shelter.


    Our hero print is the lush Tropicalia, featuring our successful La Palma pattern, digitally printed onto Their hero print is the lush Tropicalia, featuring our successful La Palma pattern, digitally printed

  • Holiday Decor, Palm Springs style

    With our clients moving in during mid-December -- and all clients' family coming to Palm Springs for Above: We purchased a live tree at Palm Springs High School -- it's a fundraiser for their band -- and Dining Room & Bar Above: The Palm Springs neighborhood stir sticks (Indian Canyons shown here) were designed

  • Condo? Can Do! Guest Suite.

    new-construction home with a pool and right-sized to a condo conveniently-located in the middle of Palm Above: The La Palma wallpaper, by set designer Catherine Martin (Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby) is available

  • Mi Sueno Project: Outdoor Kitchen, Bar + Dining

    In fact, that is what is our clients named their Palm Springs home: Mi Sueno, or My Dream. After less than a year in their first Palm Springs condo, my friends were able to upsize to a home on Let's be honest, it is dusty here in the Palm Springs desert, and outdoor kitchens are great places for

  • Balboa Before

    With the remodel of our own new home well underway, I thought it would be fun to a look at where we started. I recently ran across these photos taken in June of 2020, on one of my first trips to the property. The home was For Sale By Owner, with a handwritten sign and a San Diego-based phone number. It took several phone calls and several weeks to arrange a "showing" with the owner. Given the state of the exterior, I wasn't expecting much from the inside, but I was definitely not expecting the MESS that met me inside. After seeing these photos, you might be wondering what I was thinking when I bought the house. David wondered exactly the same thing... The Exterior Our neighbors have recently been raving about our improvements to the exterior, which was mostly just a process of subtraction! We removed truckloads of weeds and a mountain of decades-old bougainvillea that was well past its prime. Once inside the front gates, the yard was equally neglected. The pool area, which greets you just inside the front gate, was overwhelmed by a gazebo. The empty TV box is a nice touch, don't you think? On the side of the house, but still out front, there old appliances and just general debris. Our haul away and dump fees were quite significant. The pool had no water when we bought the home, and still doesn't. The Living Room What's your favorite part: the massive tube television, the tasteless sculpture, or the career criminal sitting in the background? I walked right in and said, "I'll take it!" Looking at these photos now, I am thinking it's amazing that I am still married. It's a good thing David loves me and puts up with me! Yes, the seller left the house just like this, and we had to deal with all this stuff. I regret to report that there were no hidden treasures amidst all the junk. No Picassos in the attic, sadly...just stuff like these... The Kitchen and Laundry Area The kitchen had no cabinets or appliances when we purchased the house. We learned later that the seller had collected over $100,000 from a water damage insurance claim, but never used the money to replace the kitchen. The laundry area was as dirty and unkempt as the rest of the house. Apparently, they could not even be bothered to close the cabinet doors. The Primary Bedroom Suite I don't think clothes thrown on the bed count as "staging" -- do you? We donated as many clothes as we could to various charity thrift stores. The seller left his toiletries for us. How generous, right? Despite the well-sized closets, the owner was showing the home with a rolling rack of clothes in the middle of the primary bathroom... Thanks for going on this walk down memory lane with me! We will be posting lots more progress photos of the construction, very soon, so stay tuned. xo CK

  • Mi Sueno Project: Living Room

    In fact, that is what is our clients named their Palm Springs home: Mi Sueno, or My Dream. After less than a year in their first Palm Springs pied-a-terre, my friends were able to upsize to a

  • Bighorn Project: Entry

    It sits high up on the hill in Palm Desert and is located in Bighorn Golf Club. The striking yet soothing artwork is by Carlos Ramirez through L&G Projects in La Jolla, California.

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