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CK 300 - This mattress is a double-sided medium-firm pillow-top traditional innerspring mattress with reinforced steel supports around edges. Hand-tufted natural cotton batting on both sides of the mattress delivers greater firmness and enhanced durability. Blending traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, we add a durable nano coil pillow top to a plush cotton upholstered core. By tufting the center third of the mattress more firmly, we give you even greater support where your body needs it most.

Our mattresses are made in a family-owned, second-generation workshop in Orange County that has been building mattresses since 1988. We don’t take shortcuts. We go the long way. We build handcrafted, double-sided, natural mattresses that are longer-lasting, more supportive, more comfortable, and healthier for you and your family.

• Affordable high quality craftsman-style construction
• Double-sided for twice the life
• Perfect for a master bedroom
• A medium firm nano coil pillow top mattress with a plush contouring surface
• Can be built to be adjustable bed-friendly
• Healthy breathable natural cotton will keep you cool all night

• Firm springs
• Steel edge supports
• Steel grid
• Insulator pad
• Natural cotton paddingInner hand-tufting
• Medium firm nano coil pillow top
• Double-sided
• Mattress Height: 12" | Boxspring Height: 6" or 7.5"

CK 300 Luxury Mattress

Size (Mattress Only)
  • This item is available for local delivery and curbside pickup only.




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