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Whiskey, Honey, Lemon and Hot Water, how could you go wrong?

The Hot Toddy is a classic warm cocktail. It’s a blend of hot water, whiskey, honey and lemon juice.

The perfect combination to soothe a cough, cold or sore throat if you are feeling under the weather. It’s the best cold remedy and tastes way better than cough syrup. It’s also a great night cap and lovely for slow sipping anytime through the winter.

How to make a Hot Toddy

A nice trick is to pre-heat your glass by pouring boiling water into it, then ditching the water in the sink.

Then, you can measure out the whiskey into your glass. You can use Jameson since it is a classic Irish Whiskey or go with something more unique. (You don't need to use your best whiskey for this)

Next, add your honey and lemons. (Read below for some variations on how to prepare the lemons and spices)

Stir until the honey is fully melted into your whiskey.

You can use Cinnamon Sticks or lemons studded with cloves (my favorite). Some people even us Star Anise for added spice.

If you want to try studding the lemon circles...

Take a slice of lemon and cut it in two semi-circles. Stud each lemon piece with 4 whole cloves.

Last, simply top off with boiling water and enjoy this cozy, "healthy" winter drink.



- 3/4 c. water

- 1 1/2 oz whiskey

- 2 tsp honey to taste

- 2 tsp lemon juice to taste

- Cinnamon stick optional

- Lemon round garnish


- Heat up water in sauce pan or kettle.

- Add the whiskey, honey and a little squeeze of lemon juice to your glass. Stir until honey is dissolved.

- Top off with hot water.

- Taste and adjust sweetness (honey) or zing (lemon juice) to your preference

- Garnish with lemon round and cinnamon stick or your lemon , studded with cloves.



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