MEET THE TEAM: Kimberly Stanier, Sales Specialist

I am: A lover of people and animals.

Alarm Clock: My dog barking at early morning walkers passing by our bedroom patio.

For Breakfast I usually have: I'm a protein smoothie breakfast gal.

Perfect Palm Springs Day: My perfect day begins with a long hike with a good friend and ends at a great restaurant.

First Job: I had just turned 15 and was a "birthday party hostess" for kids at a fast food restaurant.

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood: I've thought about this a lot. I love Indian Canyons but I think that my heart is with Old Las Palmas. I love the mixture of Old World Spanish mixed with Mid Century Modern and everything in between and the history is amazing.

#1 Place to Dine in PS: There are so many wonderful restaurants in Palm Springs but my favorite is Farm. The farm to table food is amazing and I love the "cottage, white picket fence, original art, over grown plant" atmosphere!

Takeout in PS: I have just discovered the plant based chicken at Chicken Ranch and it will be my "to go to" take out.

Inspiration: Nature

Cocktail Of Choice: Cosmo (just like the Sex and The City Girls)

Pineapple On Pizza. Yay or nay?: Not for me, too sweet.

Design Style: I appreciate all architectural styles, as long as the house is relaxed and feels like a home...comfortable and unpretentious.

Working @ Christopher Kennedy: I get to spend every working day surrounded by beauty, inspiration, creativity and great friends. It's wonderful.


Per Christopher: With a degree in design and experience owning her own retail shops in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, Kimberly has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team. But, her most special traits are undoubtedly her kindness and gracious spirit. She is simply a joy to be around!

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