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Condo? Can Do! Guest Suite.



In 2020, our firm's Creative Director, Keith Fortner, sold a larger new-construction home with a pool and right-sized to a condo conveniently-located in the middle of Palm Springs. Undergoing a major renovation during the worst months of the pandemic was not without its challenges.

I sat down with Keith at his chic new home, for happy hour of course, to discuss all the details of the remarkable transformation of his guest bedroom suite.

Read on as I ask Keith to share all the details of his guest bedroom transformation.


CK: Wow, this is gorgeous. I remember you sharing, early on, that you were planning on cutting some corners in this room to help the budget in the more important spaces, but this feels so luxe!

KF: Thank you! I like to think that our firm is good at making smart design choices AND making things look more expensive than they actually are.

CK: I would agree! Tell me about your vision for this room.

KF: It is a small room so the layout was obvious.

Like the other spaces, I just wanted it to be calm and welcoming but with a little personality.

I started with the gorgeous Abaca wallcover from Phillip Jeffries (4991 Teal Legacy).

I repurposed the nightstands from my previous Main Bedroom and added a new queen-sized Kirkeby Bed from our store, topped with a CK 200 mattress.

CK: Thanks for the shout-out!

KF: People can sleep on you. You've really made it... (eye roll as he sips his vodka soda)


Guest Bedroom: Before + After

CK: Tell me about the "before."

KF: Two words:


CK: From a bad night's sleep?

KF: Would you sleep well in that room?

CK: Probably not. That bedding is a bit underwhelming. But that pyramid-shaped nightstand... that's kinda fun, right? They were trying, at least.

KF: It's like the furniture designer said, "Let's make the top of this piece as un-functional as possible..."

CK: Well, you certainly turned this room around. It's beautiful AND functional.

KF: I found this amazing fabric, "Inspirational Blocks", from our friend Kelly O'Neal and had the window shade and bed scarf made.

CK: I'm a sucker for a Roman Shade...

KF: You took the words right out of my mouth.

CK: So, you really repurposed much of your former furniture in here?

KF: Exactly.

The only things left to add were these great glass lamps (from our pals at Arteriors) that picked up on the colors and painterly theme of the Kelly O'Neil fabric.

Above: The coverlet is from Christopher Kennedy showroom, available in-store and online.

CK: I love the mix of off-the-shelf and custom bedding.

KF: It's all about the high + low mix, right?


Ensuite Bathroom

CK: Wow, the "before" of this bathroom was the epitome of beige and boring!

KF: I told you never to call me that again.

CK: Not you! This bathroom...BEFORE.

KF: Well, I am sure the owner thought they were being really fun with those turquoise towels.

CK: I can't even talk about it.

KF: Let's move on. There's nothing really to say.

CK: As far as the AFTER goes, it might technically be beige, but this bathroom is anything but boring. It actually has a bit more -- shall we say -- va-va-va-voom than the rest of your home.

KF: I thought you might like it.

CK: Like it? I love it!

KF: Thank you.

This room and the choices I made took a bit more bravery on my part. They are a bit out of my comfort zone, to be honest.

This is both the Powder Room and the Guest Bath. I started by removing the tub and adding a shower (not shown). It's so much more practical for guests.

And, since this serves as the Powder Room, too, I wanted to be a little more daring.

CK: That is a really cool vanity!

KF: As in my Main Bath, I was trying to be creative with a vanity.

This one is actually a buffet cabinet I found that was the perfect width. It is more shallow than a standard vanity which led to some "creativity" with the sink and faucet.

This is the third sink I bought, because the first two didn't fit, but it was worth it.

Others might have chosen to move the sink to the center, but I didn't want to add the work or expense, so I left it to the side. I think it's better for guests to have the extra counter space.

I had extra Caesarstone (pattern Frozen Terra) from my Kitchen, so I used it as the countertop. It looks great in both spaces.

CK: Brilliant, once again. Guests must love this bathroom! It absolutely feels like you are on vacation.

KF: As far as the wallpaper goes...

I blame you, Mr. Kennedy!

CK: Me!?! What did I do?

KF: We have used this Mokum print in several colors and formats for some of our clients, but I was reluctant to use such a strong pattern; I'm usually more dialed-down in my personal taste.

It certainly packs a punch though and I must admit that all of my guests love it. This was the right place to be a little more bold.

Above: The La Palma wallpaper, by set designer Catherine Martin (Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby) is available on our website here.

CK: Well, I love using this bathroom whenever I come over.

KF: Just be sure to wash your hands. I know where they've been.


Design: Keith Fortner

Photography: Public 311 Design

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