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1. An unforgettable welcome

Your guests want to be in excited and inspired when they walk into your home. Have a memorable entrance with a fun door mat, exciting door color, etc.

Below is a door mat from the Christopher Kennedy Shop. We have a few fun mats to choose from, You Look Good is a favorite. Call to purchase: 760-325-3214

Create a fun way to leave a message welcoming your guests. Add a bottle of champagne and even a cheese plate or gift basket with snacks.

Most people have a long travel time to come stay at your beautiful vacation home, that means they will arrive hungry and thirsty. Having water bottles chilling in the fridge is a small, thoughtful touch that makes a big impact.

2. Thoughtful decor

Have fun with the decor! Mix bright colors and some decor specific to the destination. Be thoughtful of how many guests your home accommodates and make sure there is enough seating. A nice rule of thumb is 2 guests per room +2. Like in the living room above, 8 could sit comfortably with the combination of seating, plus there are ottomans and extra seating that can be brought in if needed.

As for decorative accessories, try to keep this simple. Minimal, but impactful decor is the way to go. No one wants to be tiptoeing around worried about breaking things, or needing to move around a lot of decor to make the space function for them.

Have nightstands that can hold personal items and make it easy to charge a phone. The Wenck Nightstand from Bobby Berk's collection is perfect with a hidden USB port at the back.

You don't need a lot of extra decorative accessories in the bedrooms. Go with a bold wallpaper on the headboard wall and one large lumbar on the bed.

3. Stand out essentials

Shop our entertaining & table top now.

Have fun poolside dishes and drinkware. It is important to have non-breakable options for dinnerware and drinkware if you have a pool at your rental. Eating al-fresca is much more relaxing when you aren't worried about breaking any dishes. Our NEW Bru.Mate collection would be perfect or fun plastic glasses like the ones shown above.

This Cuisinart®'s Coffee Center™ Brew Basics is an amazing coffee maker.

You can brew 12-cups or use the K-Cup compatible brewing side for a single cup.

Simple to use, sleek and modern in design.

4. Clean, soft, bright white linens

5. A comfortable mattress

Shop the CK Mattress Line online now.

6. Fun-filled amenities

Hammocks, Bocce Ball court, Fire Features, Pool, Jacuzzi or anything along these lines of outdoor activities really ups your vacation rental game.

Have some fun games available to play. There are so many creative, challenging games available now, including the loved classics, like this Onyx Backgammon Board we sell at my shop.

Games like Jenga, Chess, Cards, Decorative Tic Tac Toe boards or even Puzzles will surely be enjoyed by all your guests.

That's it! Your guests will want to keep coming back.

Check out this amazing property at Acme House Co


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