Wood Ceilings and Modern Palm Springs Warmth

We all have a story and what better way to tell it than room-by-room. Despite popular belief, even an empty space has an identity. I don’t subscribe to one specific design strategy, but I always look for unique features that tell the greatest story ever told — your story.
I believe we can create our lives intentionally — with our thoughts, words, and actions. Some people are conscious creators. These are people that others call “lucky” or “charmed”. The truth is, these people use the principal of manifestation to create their lives the way they choose. We are all creating our lives, with each breath and thought. With all of my designs, it is my intent to inspire people to live the best possible version of their lives. I want them to live in surroundings so beautiful, so unique, and so perfectly them, that they are inspired to create lives of wonder and joy.

The Steel & Glass Residence was no different; the two words that echoed within this space were open and industrial. Industrial usually means hard and cold, but as you can see, the finished project is none of the above thanks to adventurous clients and a healthy dose of modern glamour.

My clients asked for an industrial, but colorful space, where they could


easily entertain 300 friends. What do you think — mission accomplished?

Although my clients craved an industrial space, they still wanted the home to feel warm. The installation of classic wood ceilings proved to be instrumental in providing the warmth my clients desired.

Notice how the extension of the wood ceiling and lighting add to the ambiance of the outdoor space. (Talk about living beautifully in and outdoors.) Can I fill you in on a secret? We used wood flooring on the ceiling, talk about turning your world upside down!

I can’t tell you how many furniture stores and art galleries I visited before deciding on that bold pink chair (in the living room) and those amazing pieces of wall art for the dining room. Everything about the Steel & Glass Residence glows; no matter the temperature, my clients are always enjoying Palm Springs warmth.

Photo Credit: Christopher Kennedy: Steel & Glass Residence