Unlocking the Power of a Vision Board

January may be coming to a close — already?! — but I still consider 2014 to be a new year.
One habit I have developed to welcome a new year is to focus on my goals. I write them down and visualize them as if they’ve already happened. Then, I develop strategies to achieve each one. This is NOT wishful thinking it is the practice of training my mind to focus on the things I desire while drawing my attention away from the things I wish to avoid.
It’s no “secret” that what you focus on expands and that is why I create a vision board. This is a picture of the vision board in my office.

The first key to unlocking the power of a vision board is to look at it frequently. Close your eyes to spend several minutes envisioning your life full of the things you’ve hoped for. My vision board includes: furniture pieces in development, magazines I hope to be published in, upcoming product collaborations, the next home I would like to live in and fitness aspirations. Speaking of fitness aspirations — notice the photo of a prominent fitness model in the lower left. I pinned his photo to inspire my fitness goals. Can you believe I met him in Los Angeles two weeks ago and we have become friends. Wow, that is the power of the vision board!
All you need to do is set your intentions on the things you want, believe they can be yours…then sit back and watch the magic happen.
I wish you all good things in 2014!