The Modern Way to Design Your Home with Stripes

Like incorporating color or texture, patterns can be a staple in modern interior de


sign trends, and stripes can be used with any color palette in wide, vertical, and diagonal patterns.

These straight lines aren’t so Plain Jane when you appropriately mix and match. I offer some tips below on incorporating this trend into your decor with a modern twist.

Contrast soft stripes with crisp lines for an eye-catching contrast. For example, you can use the soft stripes of a comfortable rug paired with the crisp lines of an angular table. Look for ways to create natural striped contrast in the way you stack books or store other striped accessories.

If you think stripes are overbearing, think again. The vintage elegance of tiny ticking stripes elongates your room and is versatile enough that it will remain neutral when paired with any color.

For a bold striped statement, put it on your walls (the wider the stripe, the better). Stripes painted on different dimensions and in different directions can also add a bold, sharp contrast, even in the same color.

Don’t be afraid to mix your stripe colors and patterns for a California, beachside glamour. For more examples of striped modern interior design trends, take a look at our work on theRancho Mirage Estate, which captures stripes in an unusual shape and pattern.

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