Made in the USA: Christopher Kennedy Furniture

The Christopher Kennedy Furniture collection allowed me to turn intangible ideas into timeless pieces; handcrafted by artisans right here in the USA. Long before I gained notoriety for vibrant California glamour, I was an architecture student inspired by the forward thinking ofBauhaus. I mention this, because my line allowed me to expound upon the very ideas that revolutionized modernism! If I had to define this collection using one word it would be progression, because I literally watched my sketches transform into handmade pieces I could touch.


At the heart of it all, I created this line for you. Despite popular belief, modern furniture can be just as comfortable as it is luxorious. My hope is that you will continue to open your home and hearts to classic furniture updated and tailor-made to how you wish to live today.

Video courtesy of : Christopher Kennedy on Vimeo