Entertaining: Design that Sets the Mood

Unless you moonlight as a superhero, your home is an intimate space for your comfort, and the entertainment of family and friends. I like to create the stage for such gatherings with ample seating, engaging scenery and the ideal guest list. Conventional wisdom tells us to design a room around a central focal point like a television, but I beg to differ. I prefer to set the scene so the characters (guests) can take center stage.

A night of entertaining is like a show. I like to infuse rooms with pops of color through art, throw pillows, and floral arrangements to balance the vibe. One thing I really love about the room above is the wall length fireplace. This is an architecturally striking feature that adds to the ambiance and provides warmth on chilly nights. I also appreciate the hearth’s extra seating when necessary.

In other words, an inspired setting can lead to hours of exhilarating conversation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the conversation carried long into the wee hours of the morning.

Photo Credit: Christopher Kennedy