Elegant Ways to Integrate Televisions into Modern Interiors

When it comes to modern interior design, one of the largest challenges is hiding the television in plain sight. In years past, cabinetry was the main method, but now, we have options that work well in media rooms and multi-use living spaces.
The goal is for televisions to be visible when we want to watch see them and invisible when we don’t. I recommend several chic and stylish options to my clients in this regard:
TV Cover-Ups: Framed panels can be raised and lowered over the television. This will allow you to place your favorite artwork on display and turn your living space into a family room at the flick of a switch.
The mirror TV: Television mirrors turn into televisions when powered on and act as mirrors when off.
Frame My TV: is another company that offers both TV mirrors and TV frames and artwork covers.
Regardless of your choice, the placement of the television is equally as important. Since most are rectangular, it’s important to match the lines of the television with the walls, furniture, fireplaces, and other elements that will be in close proximity. Taken together, you’ll have just as much trouble finding the television, as you will finding the remote.