Blurred Lines: Bring 5-Star Luxury to the Guest Room

Traditionally guest suites were eggshell white or canary yellow, but that’s in the past. Modern guest rooms mirror the bold and vibrant themes of 5-star suites. I brought this very idea to a bedroom inside the Steel & Glass Residence in Palm Springs. While large quilted headboards have grown in popularity-I don’t always feel obligated to follow trends. I love the luxury and minimalist feel of this headboard. Its deep purple hue is stunning against these mustard walls.

I know, I usually rave about bringing elements of escape to the bedroom, but I think guests are sometimes looking for a bit of adventure. I always approach design with a “can do” attitude. If you’re open, the guest room can be just as inviting as a glass of champagne and milk chocolate on a pillow.

If you choose a muted color palette, I will find a way to incorporate color, even if it comes from a carefully placed bouquet of flowers. What can I say, I’m Christopher Kennedy and I love color. As always, thanks for reading my blog. I love what I do and want to help you live. Beautifully.

Photo Credit: Christopher Kennedy